Saturday, February 14, 2009

فيلمي از سنگسار علني2 نفر ايراني انجام گرفته توسط جمهوري اسلامي ـ public stoning video by the Islamic republic of Iran

Thank you dear Visitor to visiting this Blog This is an Iranian’s blog. And because of Protesting against Islamic regime’s politics, it has been censored in Iran. The video that I want to show you is a public stoning video

This is how women and Men are treated in the Islamic Republic of Iran.a clip from the "Stoning" movie , Stoning has been happening in Iran in the the past 30 years by the Islamic republic of Iran , This is just a little bit from Iranian regime crimes against the Iranian people

from HERE you can watch a movie (Iranian Cleric Porn) from an Iranian mullah

I just want to show you a person who reigns with force. Those people in the video are free to do anything just because of relations made with regime. But if they were not supported by regime, they would be stoned by the Mullahs

Down with the Islamic republic of Iran

صحبت از پژمردن یک برگ نیست

وای جنگل را بیابان می کنند

دست خون آلود را در پیش چشم خلق پنهان می کنند

هیچ حیوانی به حیوانی نمی دارد روا

آنچه این نامردمان با جان انسان می کنند