Saturday, August 15, 2009

A letter from Roxanne Ganji to Akbar Ganji : shame on you

A letter from Roxanne Ganji to Akbar Ganji

Born in a poor neighborhood of Tehran, Akbar Ganji became a radical Islamist while a teenager, rising to a position in the Revolutionary Guards. By the late 1980s, however, he had begun to have reservations about the direction of the Islamic Republic of Iran and joined the staff of a new reformist intellectual journal called Kian. In the 1990s, Ganji emerged as Iran's most prominent investigative journalist, and became famous for his reports linking the "serial murders" of dissidents at home and abroad with the Iran's highest officials. Shortly after attending a conference in Berlin in April 2000, Ganji was arrested and charged with spreading propaganda against the Islamic system

Mr. Akbar Ganji

When you were supposedly in the dungeons of the Islamic Republic of Iran on a hunger strike I told my father I truly believed this was an act and a ploy by the regime. My father Dr. Manouchehr Ganji , a Human Rights Activist who is truly after the rights of not only the people of our homeland and protecting their rights but the rights of all individuals, told me not to be such a pessimist and give you the benefit of a doubt that maybe you have finally realized your mistake by being a part of the Islamic Republic and had decided to stand with the people of Iran

But shortly after you came out of Iran (with your family still in Iran) it became apparent to all of us that you are a branch of the regime's apologists

You say you are after democracy..., what kind of democracy when you can't even sit and talk with your compatriots such as myself who has a different ideology than you. Do you realize that the Monarchists fought for your rights when you were supposedly in jail and on a hunger strike. Do you know how many letters were sent to the UN, to Amnesty International to the Human Rights Watch by monarchists on your behalf??? Did you once appreciate all those efforts when you came out? What kind of a activist are you when you can't sit with your own brothers and sisters who don't share your views?!

Mr Ganji, when so many patriotic Ganji's such as my father Dr. Manouchehr Ganji, My brother Darab Ganji, my cousins Shahrokh Ganji, Dr. Saeed Ganji, Soheila Ganji are fighting for regime change and a free, democratic, secular Iran it is a disgrace for us to have someone like you (who thank god are not related to us) share our name

I think I can speak on behalf of all the above Ganji(s) to tell you "any one who stands against our history and our "SHIRO KHORSHID" flag is a disgrace to our name'. We denounce your actions and ask everyone to please make sure and mention "AKBAR" before this man's name when you write about him so people don't get him confused with the patriotic Ganjis

Mr. Ganji the people of Iran are watching and will never forget and forgive you for all you could have done to be their voice and didn't

Shame on you

Roxanne Ganji