Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Press Release : Marze Por Gohar

Press Release

June 29th 2009

The Marzeporgohar Party Calls for Nationwide Demonstrations on the 10th Anniversary of the July 1999 Student Uprising in Iran

In the Spirit of July 1999 , With the Massive Participation of June 2009

Free Elections Freedom for Iran No to the Dictatorial Regime

Date: July 9th 2009

Locations: 20 Locations and Universities in Iran

The MPG has called upon the students and the people of Iran to participate in demonstrations at Universities and other locations on July 9th 2009 all across Iran to commemorate the July 1999 student uprising in Iran in a continuation of the present historic movement.

The MPG, advocating a secular democratic republic, a leading force in the 1999 uprising and born within the student movement, will continue to stand alongside the students and the heroic people of Iran, demanding a free election, freedom in Iran and saying no to the dictatorial regime.

Roozbeh Farahanipour,
Members and Leaders of the MPG

Long Live Iran